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Cyberpunk 2077 teaser


Over Jordy  

Oprichter van en hardcore gamer. Naast fanatieke gamer werkzaam in de online retail branche en samenwonend vader van twee zoons en een dochter.

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  1. That kind of thikning shows you’re an expert

  2. Effectivement, un choix difficile mais j'avoue que j'ai une préférence pour : 1. The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland (le résumé donne bien envie de le découvrir)2. Born wicked

  3. That, my friend, looks like a marvellous post! :) I’ll be dedicating an entire break from my study time to it very soon (I’m in the middle of some heavy exams).You can always contact me at laondatropical [at] telenet [dot] be for that magazine thing, I couldn’t find your e-mail anywhere. I have to warn you about my Spanish though :)

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